The Great Outdoors

Amid all of the heritage mountaineering equipment and the fancy technical gear, there is room for play. Here are a few companies who haven’t forgotten that the point of getting out there is sometimes to get way, way out there.

Alite is from San Francisco and just want you to have “magical outdoor fun”. When you live in the city, you can have fun on a road trip or at the nearest park (since you don’t have a backyard).

Bear Can Picnic Pack

Monarch Chair - you only need two legs

Kung Fu Collar

Poler arrives from a surf and snow perspective, creating cheeky gear for cool kids who want some time to themselves in the deep woods…or maybe the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur while they wait for Bonnie Prince Billy to play.


Napsack - unzip so you can use your iPad or walk around the campsite while staying warm

Finally, I couldn’t resist talking about Snow Peak. OK, they are serious gear purveyors (titanium straw, anyone?), but they are also Japanese-inspired (via Portland, OR), so the combo always proves interesting. If camping means pulling an all-nighter in your design agency office, you could do worse than to have some Snow Peak on hand.

The cot and table are nicer than my college dorm furniture for sure.

Hozuki Lantern


Akebi Fork

All photos from the manufacturers’ respective websites.


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