Prospector Co.

I seem to have a thing for bodycare and beauty lines. It’s odd, because I really don’t pay that much attention in the stores, and I don’t use the products that often. I think I really love the packaging – it’s a magic art to convey what a colorless liquid *means* through clever packaging and some nice product copy, and manage to convince you to spend some money on it, too.

This is not to say that Prospector Co. is selling bad product! It’s more a holistic look at an entire brand and how it moves you, not to mention makes you brighter, shinier, and better-smelling. Prospector is going for the rugged, yet slightly clinical look (which almost never crosses over to women’s skin products, with the exception of Le Labo) and their choice of bottles and vials is spot-on.

Prospector is run by some smarties in Savannah, GA who launched in time for the holiday season last year. No retailers listed yet but surely it’s not long now.

All images from Prospector Co. website.


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