Nature Friends Tourist Club

Just look at it. It’s a 100-year old house above Muir Woods. You can only get to it by a pleasant hike through the redwoods, and it’s members only except for 4 hours on the weekends. And not every weekend.

Nature Friends are German in heritage but for nature lovers in general. They are trying to preserve a bit of space to hike, chat with friends, do a little dancing and enjoy a beer, just like the good old days. You go to the Nature Friends Tourist Club above San Francisco (or the branch in Oakland, or the one in LA, or other branches around the world) by invitation, to have a picnic and get away from it all. And now you know what I am going to investigate this summer.

Images from the Nature Friends Tourist Club site.


About Rena

Retail strategist and root beer aficionado.


  1. thishumbleabode

    Oh, I want in!

  2. This is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. Isn’t it magical?!

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