The Michaux Club

Oh, blog. I’ve been neglecting you… but the awesomeness of these bags is pulling me out of retirement. The Michaux Club is a company based in London but named for a historic NY cycling club that had female members. They make beautiful bags of canvas or leather with subtle reflective details and a detachable crossbody strap to keep it from swinging around when you ride. Mostly it looks like a really pretty handbag but it’s super practical. I want one! I hope this little business grows and makes it to the States soon.


Images via the Michaux Club.


About Rena

Retail strategist and root beer aficionado.


  1. These are rather fabulous.
    If only they sold them online : (

    • Hello Rena, Mareelouise & Elmom, I just came across this blog post and it has really made me smile, thank you for the lovely comments – my website has just launched and you can buy my Michaux Club bags online now with worldwide shipping. Please check them out, I hope you like them! Thanks, Rachel .

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